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This SnapShots in Akiba site has some anime, game, or seiyuu related snapshots taken while walking around in the Akihabara area.
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Love Live Museum @Gamers


Between December 21, 2013 and January 13, 2014, there was a Love Live museum on the 5th floor of Gamers.

The museum covered the entire 5th floor, and had a lot of Love Live goods.

In one corner there was a large display of the nine outfits worn by the Muse girls during the Love Live concert. Unfortunately, photos weren't allowed of the outfits.

There were many small displays of goods with monitors showing videos of the Love Live seiyuu.

In the middle of the room, there were four glass showcases full of Love Live goods.

Kotori goods.

Muse 3rd Anniversary Love Live poster and goods.

Honoka and Umi figures.

Messages written by the seiyuu: Nitta Emi, Pile, Uchida Aya.

There was also one wall full of books and mooks, CDs, and other goods.

Near the entrance, there was a display of all of the Love Live cards.

On one wall, there was a board where the fans can write messages to the girls. There were message cards for each girl.

There was also an advertisement for the Love Live discs in the store front window. There was also a life-sized pop of Honoka.


Love Live

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