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なでしこ寿司って? | なでしこ寿司
なでしこ寿司って? | なでしこ寿司
なでしこ寿司って? | なでしこ寿司
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About Nadeshico
I would like to continue to be a restaurant that boosts the further of women's social advancement.
I thought that I can transmit a message saying "Even if you are a woman, you can achieve your dream if you do your best" by challenging the field that a woman could not enter until now.
In AKIHABARA, which is the center of information dissemination in Japan, I wanted to send a message that "Women can do their best if they do their best" by daring to challenge fields that women have not been able to enter so far It opened in September.
From now on, women's social progress should continue to rise more and more. Nadeshiko Sushi broke down the taboo of the sushi industry and entered the industry.
I will keep on trying so that I can earn the trust of all of you as soon as possible.
For keeping traditional food culture in posterity
The traditional food culture of eating sushi at the counter is only left in the high-end sushi restaurant.
By making it easier to enter the sushi restaurant, I would like young people or foreigners to know the merits of sushi restaurants to eat at the counter.
Female have unique attention and compassion, I will do my best to provide new enjoyment, which was not in the conventional Sushi restaurant, to many people.
I go to the Tsukiji market by bicycle and I purchase the recommended and seasonal ingredients on that day.
We will serve cuisine by original ingenuity that makes good use of the taste of ingredients.
Under the mission "To deliver delicious sushi and hospitality services to people all over the world", we will propose a new Japanese culture through sushi withn the spirit of "Fresh&Kawaii".
Frustrating by absurdity of “women can not make sushi”
I worked at a well-established sushi restaurant "Ginza Sushi-Ei" Asakusa branch, 6 years from my school days, I learned the wonderfulness of sushi.However, it is also a world where women can not enter the kitchen. Hope that "I want to get into the kitchen someday, and to make sushi by myself" becomes stronger day by day.
Sushi is a symbol of Japanese design
I majored in the design department at the art college. "Sushi looks very simple, but the inside is full of ingenuity. Like Ukiyoe, Japanese paintings and haiku, it is an art that has concentrated design characteristics peculiar to Japan." I will be making sushi based on that idea.
A place where I can achieve what I want to do
In July 2010, I found a job advertisement for the opening staff of Nadeshico Sushi and decided to change my job from the department store I was working at then, thinking that "I can do everything I want to do". From around 400 applicants, I was elected as a start member, in March 2011 I became a regular full-time employee among beginners, and I am keenly working as a manager today.
Activities abroad
In May 2012, at YATA department store in Hong Kong, I taught sushi to local children and participated in an event for the spread of rice in Japan for 3 days. It was also taken up in local newspapers.
In 2016, at Berlin, Germany In the JAPAN JORSA booth of InnoTrance 2016(International Trade Fair for Transport Technology) , I served as the sushi chef for 5 days.
Goal and Dream
Currently, It is a society in which the existence of female sushi-chef is unusual(while being seen with some prejudiced eyes). We would like to change into a society where the existence of female sushi-chef is considered normal.
In order to realize a new society, Nadesico-Sushi will continue to do its best as a pioneer of female sushi-chef.
All female
Our female staff is doing all the work from procurement to cooking, maiking Sushi. Sometimes, we conduct a "Fish filleting event" to fillet fish in front of our guests.
Original dishes
We serve original dishes using seasonal ingredients at every time.
I procure Japanese sake on our own, we serve it with fun planning.
Blind tasting, local sake, limited sake, etc... Every time, I decide the theme and line up sake according to that theme (that can not be experienced at other restaurant !). We also participate in rice cultivation of Izumihashi Sake brewey (Ebina , Kanagawa)
The interior of our restaurant was handled by a design office that handled a number of high-end sushi restaurant. It finished in a calm and quiet appearance of traditional Japanese style modern by using commode of age full of retro feel, "Shoji" made with the technique of a "KUMIKO" Please relax and enjoy yourself.
Face-to-face service
We often are asked "Why female sushi-chef?" I believe that women are better suited to the service that make sushi in the counter and talks to customers.
Welcome a single customer
Currently, there are many singles in Japan and often eat alone. We will provide a friendly environment where everyone can eat while enjoying conversation and beyond nationality to make friends with each other.
Thank you very much for having a relationship with you until the end. We are looking forward to your visit !
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